Sitrak Trucks

Sitrak Trucks

Partnered with CNHTC (Sinotruk), one of the main role players in the field of commercial vehicle industries of China, * introduced the brand of SITRAK with the Tractor trucks C7H and T7H. Benefiting from cutting edge technologies of MAN TG series and compatible with the up to date European regulations, SITRAK heavy duty trucks came to exist as a result of a joint venture and mutual investment of German MAN brand and CNHTC brand from China. Reliability, Safety, Comfort and Fuel economy are the major advantages of SITRAK tractor trucks.

Sitrak Technology

Enjoying innovative German technology for Power train, chassis, axles, cabin and other vital subsystems, on both C7H and T7H the B10 life for the engine, gearbox and rear axle is 1,500,000 km and for other parts of the powertrain and axles 1,000,000 km. SITRAK series were designed, prepared, mass-manufactured and released based on MAN's design, production line and process, under the principle of quality orientation set by Sinotruk and MAN.

Weights (kg)
- GCW – 42000-52000
- GVW – 18000
- Kerb weight – around 7000
- Front axle capacity 7000
- Rear axle capacity 13000
Model – MC11.44-40 and 50 Licensed By MAN
Emission standard -Euro IV+DPF and Euro V EEV)
Max Power -440hp @1900 rpm
Max torque – 2100 N.m @1000-1400 rpm
Cylinder count- 6 cylinder inline -24 valves
Volume (L) – 10.518
Equipped with turbocharger made by HOLSET and intercooler, common rail fuel injection system and ECU made by BOSCH, Electrical air heater for engine air intake ( cold start), Pre-filter with heating system and fuel block indicator, Silicone fan, EVB, SCR heater, with smart catalyst and emission monitoring system
Model ZF – 16S2230TO
No. of gears: 16 gears front, 2 gears back, synchronized gears.
Clutch control system :WABCO

Chassis – design and build under MAN license – 8mm Steel with high tensile strength
Axles- under MAN license – rear axle with Differential lock, axle ball bearings Sweden SKF
Steering system :
Steering box : ZF 8198, ZF Power steering pump
Hydraulic power steering with 45cm diameter steering wheel

Front: parabolic leaf spring with stabilizer and damper
Rear: Wabco-Ecas air suspension with manual and automatic adjustment system.

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