Mammut Refrigerated Semi Trailer

Mammut Refrigerated Semi Trailer

This type of trailer is used to carry all of the packaged items that their transportation requires to comply with specific temperature conditions. As the temperature can vary from ambient temperature (25°C) to (-40°C) in this trailer, various types of products are transported with it. Such as: food, vegetables, fruits, medicines, chemical and pharmaceutical ingredients, meat, fish and other frozen products (ice cream, etc.). The required refrigeration is provided by the coolant unit installed in front of the box and an independent diesel engine is responsible for operating of this unit individually. A thermostat inside the box causes the temperature to be in the required range so it turns on and shuts off the unit in appropriate times.

Energy Consumption

The uniform distribution of temperature in this application is of a great importance. Therefore, the use of a polymer tunnel for conducting refrigerated air flow is crucial. In addition, if the shipments are packed on pallets, their cooling/freezing conditions are more uniform and therefore their quality is maintained better during transportation. This trailer is designed and constructed so that hygienic cleansing of its box is easily done. One of the challenges in this type of application is using fossil fuel (diesel) in the cooling unit engine. The environmental pollution caused by this engine has led most of top companies to focus their efforts on optimizing fuel consumption of these engines and at the same time reducing the heat transfer from the box body. MAMMUT is manufacturing the most quality refrigerated trailers in the country including the most modern cooling units and best panels in the box.

Product : 3 Axles Refrigerator Trailer (TY 340-A)

Dimensions Outside Length: 13,580mm
Internal Length: 13,580 mm
Outside Width: 2,600 mm

Inside Width: 13,400 mm
Total Height: 2,470 mm
Inside Height: 2,500 mm
Trailer weight :8,000 Kg
Max. Payload : 24,000 Kg
Capacity : 83 Cubic meters

Chassis Construction All welded steel construction to ST 52.3/ QST 380 Tm Longitudinal member are made of special welded I beam, all Parts are made from pressed steel. Assemble in special fixture and welded with automatic Argon Welding machine.

Body Construction All body made from a single piece sandwich panels (polyurethane insulation Bayer Germany) with both side pre-painted Aluminum zinc alloy coated sheets (outside 0.8 mm , inside 0.5 mm,Top side 25 microns super polyester paint and bottom side special primer). All profiles holder panel (inside & outside) made of extruded aluminum.

Thickness of wall Front wall is 100 mm with reinforced to install thermo king unit & protective – Roof is 100 mm with reinforced to install unit protective - side wall is 60mm . Floor is made from a one piece sandwich panel with one side per-painted Aluminum-zinc alloy coated sheets and other side Special Aluminum box section profile for The flow of air beneath the pallet, the panel is insulated with 120mm of polyurethane. (Total floor Thickness 150 mm).

Rear Door Are made from 80mm polyurethane insulation sandwich panels, with two side’s pre painted Aluminium-zinc alloy coated sheets with a light stainless steel frame reinforces. Each door piece has 4 hinges and 2 external locks (Stainless steel) and sealed with special PVC gasket. Door locks are pastore lamborde Italy. Each door has one lock with key and one Lock without key.

Refrigeration Unit Thermo king cooling unit Model-SL X/200 designed to maintain temperature from -29 to +0 c°. The performance of unit is by diesel (in movement mode) or electrical (in pause mode).

Axles / Suspension 3x9 tons axle .with Air Suspension , (BPW® or SAF®)Germany, with Shock Absorbers with Lower and Rise Capability of Trailer.

6 nos. 385/65 R 22.5” Radial Tyres with 6.nos Single Piece Rim 11.75-R22.5

Landing gear Two speed adjustable Landing Legs. Static Capacity 50 Tons & Dynamic Capacity 24 Tons (Jost) Germany

King Pin+GF+OR JOST® 2”dia. (152 KN) with related coupling according to SAE Standard.

Braking system EBS System (Electrical Anti Block Brake System) with RSP (Roll Stability Program) Disk/Drum, Knorr ® / Wabco ®(germany)Two double acting diaphragm brake chamber per axle. Automatic load sensing valve and Emergency Relay Valve and Couplings Head and Air reservoir.

Painting Grit blasted to SA 2.5Acid Washing .Coated with anti oxide Epoxy .Final coated with poly urethane .Color according to customer’s request.

Accessories -Front lift axle as Automatic.
-Trailer park Lock system.
- Semi circle mud guard (6 nos).
-Wheel chock (2 nos).
- Rear Bumper with protected guard.
-Water tank Mounting.
- Spare wheel carrier for two tyres.
-Holder for fire extinguisher.
-Tool box (1.22 meter) Each side (2 nos).
-Rear door Stopper(2 nos).
- Rear door lock System.
- Rear sliding stairs.
-Front ladder
-Rubber shock Absorber.
- Gasoil tank 400lit
- Roof light 24 volt (6 nos)
-Front and rear air condition valve
-Rear Frame is stainless steel and PVC rubber seal door.

Options -Spare Tyre & Rim.
-125 Liter Stainless Steel Water Tank.
-Top/Bottom rivets (Germany).
-Aluminum gasoil tank.
- Brake pad sensor

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