MAMMUT Refrigerated Cargobox

MAMMUT Refrigerated Cargobox

MAMMUT Industrial Group is the largest manufacturer of box and other commercial applications in Iran and the Middle East. MAMMUT boxes are exclusively designed based on ATP standards and moreover utilization of the most recent superfine technology has led to significant improvements in lifetime and efficiency of all simple and refrigerated boxes. Our products are preferred by the largest cold chain logistics companies in Iran and the Middle East.

Refrigerated Box Structure

Refrigerated box is installed on device chassis and is mainly used to carry products that require refrigeration while transportation. These boxes must have special features. For example, they should be insulated so that the heat loss is minimized and moreover they must be isolated to prevent air exchange and foreign particles entry. Box dimensions depend on chassis type and customer's need.
The box is from specific sandwich panel with pre-dyed sheets and polyurethane foam. There is a lighting system inside the box. The floor is from steel checkered plate and the back door from plywood with Aluzinc covers, it is PVC insulated with special rubber strips.

Box Size
External (mm): 5000*2200*2200 Internal (mm): 4820*2000*1950 Volume (m³): 18.5

Chassis of Box
Chassis made of ST52 and ST37 with high strength
Feasibility of cooling plate condenser installation

Walls and roof made of PU sandwich panel with prepainted Aluzinc sheet metals on both sides
0.5mm thickness of inner sheet metal with 6µ primer, 0.7mm thickness of outer sheet metal with
25µ coil coating and PU foam with density 45±2
Thickness of walls and roof panels: 100mm
Thickness of walls and roof panels: 150mm
Sealed by means of UV resistant sealant
Anodized Aluminium or powder coating treated Aluminium for internal and external profiles
Floor: Chequered Aluminium sheet floor or convensional Aluminium floor

Rear Door
Double doors by 80mm thickness made of PU sandwich panels or fiber glass
Each door consists of 3 hinges and a lock handle
Stainless steel for door accessories
Doors rubber made of P.V.C "

Lighting system
Standard cooling room lighting system of MAMMUT

Optional accessories
Large side door (with PU sandwich panel): 800*1300, 900*1500,900*1650, 900*1700, 900*1800 (mm)
Medium side door (with fiber glass panel): 700*900 (mm)
Short side door (with fiber glass panel): 600*800 (mm)
Tool box in sizes: 500*450*450mm or 400*350*450mm
* Mudguard * Ladder * Rear guard"

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