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Pilsan industrial complex was founded in 2016 with the aim of providing competitive package solutions including tractor trucks, trailers and tyres for growing road transportation industry in Iran and Middle East region. Pilsan thrives on opportunities to innovate and its activities cover the whole product life cycle including requirement definition based on the needs of customers, engineering design and validation of specifications, manufacturing, tests and evaluation, and sales of a variety of products, as well as customer support through a well- developed after sales service network.

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Utilizing the in-house knowledge and expertise added to the know-how and technologies acquired from well known counterparts, Pilsan Industrial Complex has successfully mastered the art of offering products with competitive quality, fit to the needs of customers. Pilsan Industrial complex currently provides variety of trailers with the brand of PILSAN and it is in the process of introducing its first heavy-duty tractor trucks with the brand of SITRAK, first generation of MAN – CNHTC mutual product. Moreover, through a partnership deal made with CNHTC, Pilsan is in the process of establishing an assembly line for SITRAK Heavy-Duty commercial vehicles in Iran.

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