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This semi-trailer is used to transport all types of packed goods in wooden / metallic pallets, cartons, boxes, large bags and moreover large unpacked goods. Consignment may be harnessed by using fabric belts and/or metallic chains fitted to the hooks mounted on the side profiles. Aluminum doors (4 or 5) on both sides with horizontal bars enhance controlling unpacked loads. Curtainsider can be loaded from both sides simultaneously. If the trailer's roof is sliding, the top loading option for long loads is also possible. Inside of the vehicle is accessible even by a lift-truck because of its sturdy chassis and a 20-layer anti-slip wood floor.

Mammut Curtainsider Trailer Advantages

The most important feature and advantage of a curtainsider is placing the load inside the tent space. The cargo in the tent is far from the damage of the surrounding area and after securing and sealing the tent, the access to the tent is no longer possible from the outside. For this reason, one of the best options for international freight (TIR) is using a curtainsider. This application is available in two types: fixed roof & sides as well as sliding roof & sides. Evidently the ease and speed of loading and offloading in sliding type is significantly more than the fixed one.

Product : 3 Axles Curtain Side Trailer (Sliding Roof & Sides) CH 244-A

DimensionsOutside Length: 13.750 mm
Internal Length: 13.670mm
Outside Width: 2.550mm
Inside Width: 2.480mm
Outside Height: 4.030mm
Inside Height: 2.680 (under roof)
Net Weight: 6600 kg
Capacity: 93 Cubic Meters
Max. Payload: 26000 kg

Chassis Construction All Welded steel construction to ST 52.3/ QST 380 Tm .Longitudinal member are made of special welded Ibeam with rounded edge Flat bar, all Parts are made from pressed steel, assemble in special fixture and welded with automatic argon Welding machine.

Body Construction Floor is made from water resist multi layer wood (28 mm) with special anti scratch cover, which they fix on cross member with special screw. The front wall is made from aluminum profile with special steel pillar in Corners. Middle steel pillar with linear movement. Aluminum Drop Side Door from special Profile could be removed. Side Curtain Support from Special Aluminum Profile.

Rear Door Two pieces Hinges door are made from special aluminum profile with hard steel Pillar and with Special anti leak rubber.Each door is included of 4 Hinges and 2 galvanized Lock.

Side Door4 or 5 Drop Side Door (optional) are made from special Aluminum Profile.

Curtain Sliding Three Pieces Roof & Sides External Tarpaulin is produced from Special Polymer with High Temperature Resistance (-30,+70°c) and anti Rupture with Special Snob.Color stability. Sliding Roof & Sliding Wall Separately.

Roof and side sliding mechanism Roof & side sliding Separately Sliding roof with moveable galvanized metal Pillar and carriage by Two Special Single Piece Aluminum Rail Profile.

Axles / Suspension3x9 tons axle .with Air Suspension , (BPW® or SAF®)Germany, with Shock absorbers with Lower and Rise Capability of Trailer.

Tyres/Rim 6 nos. 385/65 R 22.5” tubeless Tires with 6.nos Single Piece Rim 11.75-R22.5

Landing gear Two speed adjustable Landing Legs. Static Capacity 50 Tons & Dynamic Capacity 24 Tons (Jost) Germany

King Pin +GF+OR JOST® 2”dia. (152 KN) with related coupling according to SAE Standard.

Braking system EBS System (Electrical Anti Block Brake System) with RSP (Roll Stability Program) Disk or Drum, Knorr ® / Wabco ®(germany) Two double acting diaphragm brake chamber per axle . Automatic load sensing valve and Emergency Relay Valve and Couplings Head and Air reservoir.

Electrical7 and 15 Pole quick release connector, Pair of 24 volts rear light, side light and alarming system from Aspock with LED Type.

Painting Grit blasted to SA 2.5 Acid Washing .Coated with anti oxide Epoxy . Final coated with poly urethane.Color according to customer’s request.

Accessories-Front lift axle as Automatic
-Trailer park lock system
- Semi circle mud guard (4nos)
-Wheel Chock (2 nos)
- Rear bumper with protected guard.
-Water tank Mounting
- spare wheel carrier for two Tyres
-Holder for Fire extinguisher
- tool box (1.22 meter) Each side (1 nos)
-Rear door stopper(2 nos)
-Rear door lock
-Rear sliding stairs
-Aluminum ladder (2.3 m)
-Rubber shock absorber.

Options-Spare Tyre & Rim
-125 Liter Stainless Steel Water Tank
- Brake pad sensor
-For transit trailer, vertical displacement of 30cm by special manual jack.

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