Scania Series

The P cab is excellent for short distance haulage. The G cab for longer distance haulage and the R cab is the optimal cab for long distance haulage and other haulage with few stops. The P-cab is the optimum cab for distribution and construction duties. It has a low boarding step that makes it easy to enter and exit the cab, and is accordingly suitable for transport applications with a lot of stops

Standard equipment

Scania's G-series is a new model for long distance transport and construction operations which can be specified with an equally high equipment level as the R-series. The R-cab is available in two lengths and with four different roof heights resulting in options for a range of different application areas, everything from vehicles for distribution with short stops, construction, and long distance haulage.The engine produces a classic V8 sound and The V8 sound gives a feeling of power and reassurance.

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