MAMMUT Isolated Boxes

MAMMUT Isolated Boxes

MAMMUT Industrial Group is the largest manufacturer of box and other commercial applications in Iran and the Middle East. MAMMUT boxes are exclusively designed based on ATP standards and moreover utilization of the most recent superfine technology has led to significant improvements in lifetime and efficiency of all simple and refrigerated boxes. Our products are preferred by the largest cold chain logistics companies in Iran and the Middle East.

Chassis Surface Preparation & Painting

After assembly, uniformity and deformation of the chassis joints and welded surfaces are controlled by QC department. Then it is sent to shot blast stage. MAMMUT industrial complex is equipped with a Shot Blast Hall for cleaning and removing rust from surfaces based on SA 2.5 standard. The blasted chassis is then acid washed for removing surface grease. Now the chassis is well prepared for painting thus the epoxy primer is applied and then dried in a specially designed room with controlled temperature.

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