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The main customers of this product are companies and individuals whose activities have a project nature, such as power plants, building and road construction, airport, mines and so on, which after a while collect their conexes and move to a new location. The most important feature of this 20-feet conex is folding its walls on each other as well as its roof and floor. By this way the volume is very low for handling, so that transportation and storage costs extensively reduce. For example, 300 packed conexes are stacked only in a 400 square meter storage space.

Mammut Folding Conex Unique Features

The quick set up speed is the most important feature of folding conex so that when it is sent in a packet, each one is ready within one hour and by two people. In particular, there is no need of preparations to install this type of conex in the site. Additionally when changing the location of the conex after finishing the job, it is collected and repackaged without any damage. Like other MAMMUT products, folding conex is completely insulated against heat, cold and rain and has a very good resistance to any weather conditions. The strength of the folding conex is very high because of screw & bolt junctions so it is utilized to construct multi-storey buildings for residential purposes too.

Flat Packs Porta Cabins
Dimension 20 foot (6058*2438*2800)mm

Walls Made from 40mm sandwich panel with two sides Aluminum-zinc alloy.

Roof Made from 50mm sandwich panel with two sides Aluminum-zinc alloy.

Floor Lower side is 0.5 Aluminum-zinc alloy and upper side 18mm plywood.

Window A double glazed UPVC window, three pieces, the dimensions of 2110*1150 mm in the rear width side.

Door A single- leaf door made of sandwich panel in the front width side.

Features *Little space for transportation , storage and cheap transportation cost.
*Possibility to store 300 flat packs porta cabins in 400m2 area.
*Easy dismounting porta cabins without any damage after finishing the job.
*No need for any foundation in the site.*Complete insulation against the cold , heat , rain and storm.
*Installation of one porta cabin by two persons in a one hour.
*Fast installation at the time of accident .
*No need roofed warehouse for storing flat packs porta cabins.

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