With the goal of offering full package products, in addition to the production of trailers and trucks, * have also taken crucial steps in supporting the needs of road transportation Industry with other products such as tyres. Limited presence of reputable tyre brands, not very well organized sales, and after sales networks, along with high demand for tyres, led * Industrial Complex into taking it upon itself to take action and cover part of the market. We in * believe "customers deserve the best" and evidently a superior quality tire directly affects safety, fuel consumption, passenger comfort, vehicle steering and other important factors of vehicle dynamics.

Warranty of BRIDGESTONE Tires

* offers a warranty period of 5 years on tyres. The customers are supported through a well-established network of sales and aftersales providing top quality services in five main provinces in the country. The after sales network is planned to be expanded to cover more areas in near future.

Turanza :
Turanza is the perfect solution for luxury car owners who are looking for an extraordinary balance of their car along with security, comfort and advanced technology.
Turanza T001
Turanza GR-90

Choose ECOPIA to reduce the fuel consumption costs and prevent global warming.
By reducing rolling resistance in a safe manner, ECOPIA increases the efficiency of the car on slippery roads in humid conditions.
Ecopia EP300
Ecopia EP150

DUELER with a superb performance, brings comfort and confidence for a wide range of cars, including pickups, SUVs, and CUVs.
H/L 850 - Sizes
A/T 697
M/T 674

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